Our Consulting and Education

System Ekofungi is committed to disseminating its results in Serbia, the region, and the wider world.

We offer consulting services, everything from local drop-in advice about diseases to international partnerships concerning waste to taste technique and technology. At our facilities in Belgrade, we host waste to taste education events, seminars, and workshops for aspiring and practicing business people and mushroom producers. With experience-fortified knowledge, we channel ambitions and dreams into business plans by instilling best practice and realistic parameters.

Ekofungi’s consulting has played a leading role in the mushroom from coffee dregs movement in recent years. In 2008, Sylvia Barbieri from the Polytechnic University of Torino sought help to cultivate mushrooms from coffee dregs, a tip of the hat to their corporate sponsor Lavazza, a project that resulted in the first mushrooms from coffee dregs being grown in our facilities. In 2009, Jan Willem Bosman Jansen (Gro Holland) and Cedric Pechard (UpCycle) came to Ekofungi where they had their first experience with and acquired their first knowledge of mushroom cultivation; we are glad that they have continued on to form successful businesses with the knowledge we shared with them. We are very proud of our cooperation with Rotterzwam, who have created a beautiful business in the heart of Rotterdam, and are enthusiastic in supporting this technology as it continues to spread around the world.

Mushroom production is a viable value-additive option for utilizing organic waste streams. Through consulting and education activities, our objective is to enable business people and mushroom producers to adapt the waste to taste techniques, technology, and mindset to improve the sustainability and profitability of their local communities.

Our mushroom farming education is streamlined in the EkofungiSchool (click here).

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