Our Cultivation Process

System Ekofungi is a productive ecosystem. We cultivate champignon and oyster mushrooms by maintaining a conducive environment for the growth and development of fungal organisms. To accomplish this, we adopt technical solutions appropriate to our climatic conditions, local resource availabilities, and middle-scale production size, and foster a conducive environment for all our colleagues to feel secure and be dedicated to coproduce within System Ekofungi.

Our growing tunnels are designed and equipped to maintain optimal growing conditions according to the needs of fungi throughout their development, regardless of Belgrade’s hot summers and cold windy winters. Good insulation and operation lowers our energy consumption, increases our price competitiveness, and avoids needless greenhouse gas emissions. As an example, during summer we ventilate our tunnels only during the cooler evenings. Good practice maintains sanitary conditions and thus avoids disease and waste. It is our firm belief that knowledge and innovation allow for concurrent improvements in profitability and environmental responsibility, and that the two need not be exchangeable.

In addition to technical solutions, the conductive environment for our mushroom cultivation is daily nurtured by our workers. As mushrooms require proper care to grow, so too do our colleagues deserve the respect that is expected from them. All workers are registered and contracted, and our financial obligations to them are timely respected. Worker safety takes priority, we insist on safety equipment for the operation of heavy machinery (including ear plugs) and harvest oyster mushrooms before they release their spores, a potent allergenic. We predominantly hire women, who are disproportionately more unemployed in Serbia than men. The success of our strategy is evidenced in the fact that our workers work with us for long-term (many have been part of System Ekofungi since day one) and we all call our products “our mushrooms”.

The productive ecosystem we foster at System Ekofungi results in fresh high-quality products in great demand in local green markets and restaurants.