Our Team


Dusan Mirkovic

General Manager Ekofungi Coop

Mechanical engineer and seasoned entrepreneur, Dusan Mirkovic entered the mushroom business over 10 years ago as an Operations Manager in Serbia’s largest champignon compost producer. In this position, he fostered a network of Serbian mushroom producers, which, during a time rising input costs were challenging business as usual, he later organized to set standards, exchange experiences, and bridge each other’s gaps in production when need be. In 2009, he cofounded Ekofungi Cooperative with Ivanka Milenkovic as a model intensive producer for the country’s conditions, and is actively engaged in technically-driven production, marketing, and distribution.


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Ivanka Milenkovic

General Manager of Ekofungi Ltd

Educated as a mycologist, Ivanka Milenkovic has made a career out of bridging scientific research and business. She has over 20 years of experience in cultivating mushrooms from waste materials, having realized waste to taste projects in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, United States, Colombia, Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, etc. Her permanent cooperation with University of Belgrade, University of Ljubljana, Wageningen University, and University of Turin has resulted in 25 scientific publications and numerous projects, including growing the first mushrooms from coffee waste in Ekofungi facilities. Ivanka Milenkovic is also active in promoting agricultural best practices in Serbia. In 2002, she founded Agromreza, a technocratic NGO to promote agricultural modernization, cooperating with IFOAM, World Bank, USAID, USDA, EAR, and UNDP. She served as a national FAO expert between 2000 and 2004.



Zorana Djordjevic

Business manager of Ekofungi Ltd

Zorana Djordjevic was educated as an economist with a specialization in international trade and has worked in import/export for 30 years. For the past 20 years, she specialized in exporting forest fruits, including wild mushrooms. In 2008, she founded her own company Fine Food Line Ltd, exporting Serbian forest fruit and fine foods primarily to the US market. She has extended her expertise to develop Ekofungi’s commercial model.



Igor Milosavljevic

Junior Assistant, System Ekofungi

Igor Milosavljevic recently finished his education in economics and natural resource management, and has an interest in productive and profitable use of organic waste materials. He seeks to combine his social and scientific background to provide sustainable, equitable and profitable solutions to environmental problems. In current projects with Ekofungi and Agromreza, he has found appositeness for his knowledge, stimulation of his curiosity, and opportunities for his ambitions.


Marija Ognjenovic

Agronet NGO President

An agricultural economist by education, Marija Ognjenovic has worked in Agromreza NGO since inception specializing in market information systems and agricultural markets. Since 2010, she has assumed the role of President of Agromreza. Through her work, she has cultivated an intimate connection with a wide network of NGOs, civil society and government organizations in Serbia and the region. She continues her efforts to forwarding modernization of Serbian agriculture and regional cooperation in the Western Balkans.


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Slobodanka Grubarce

Operations Manager of Ekofungi Coop

Having worked in mushroom tunnels for over 10 years, Slobodanka has accumulated a rich practical knowledge of mushroom cultivation. She has been with Ekofungi since day one, and is in charge of shepherding Ekofungi’s human and physical resources to cocreate ideal conditions for the cultivation of healthy and beautiful mushrooms.


& The Rest of The Ekofungi Team

We have 9 more colleagues at System Ekofungi. Mutual trust and respect govern the relationship between colleagues, with our work, with our natural environment, and with our customers.