Our Mission

Our mission is to address challenges of sustainability and profitability in mushroom production by transferring knowledge from experimental results into industrial practice. Engaged in commercial cultivation as well as R&D, we host a daily interplay between experimentation and production, which ensures that:

  • our mushrooms are high-quality in terms of nutrition and culinary appetence,
  • our innovations are cost-effective and directly applicable to production challenges,
  • we contribute to sustainable innovation in our industry.

Our production unit, Ekofungi Coop, produces champignons and oyster mushrooms for Belgrade’s top restaurants and green markets. The cultivation process is fine-tuned to guarantee a high-quality product, produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Our R&D unit, Ekofungi Ltd, is committed to improving the mushroom process in line with challenges of the 21st century: producing sustainably, equitably, and in a less-energy intensive resource-circular manner. This entails nurturing creative ideas into practical innovations adapted to industrial cultivation — empowering the use of fungi as natural degradation organisms and a savory nutritional food. Two international patents applications have been submitted thus far.

We actively seek dissemination of mushroom cultivation best-practice as well as the knowledge we generate. We do this by offering various levels of consulting on a national and international level, everything from drop-ins to project partnerships. We also organize the EkofungiSchool in our facilities, having had attendants from over 30 countries around the world.

Our mission is encapsulated by our motto: Waste to Taste. The motto represents how we cultivate our mushrooms, using waste materials from agriculture, forestry, industry, and society to make high quality food. The motto represents how we treat our employees, breaking from local business norms to strictly respect labor regulations. We harness the unutilized potential of women in our society, to form 90% of our workforce. The motto represents how we treat our relationship with the natural environment, redirecting others’ waste streams into mushroom substrates and directing our waste streams into productive uses in plant production. We have achieved much to lower our resource-use intensity, and hence our ecological footprint, and continually strive to achieve more.